1. Design Expertise

The success of IEM derives from Design Expertise. We assess all drawings, and provide our unique brand of consultation. We are known to offer ideas beyond the standard "of the shelf" specifications. We also jump into the project and complete our clients drawing, we "fill in the blanks". We enjoy working with designers.

2. Delivering Detailed Solutions

We recognise that most clients and their staff have a great understanding of the big picture. We understand that we are here to provide our "detailed knowledge" and years of collective experience. Our clients can access this detailed knowledge of success, in all formations, and in all conditions.

3. Committed To Our Clients

We see every client as a client for life. We maintain our client's trust by delivering on our promises. We offer our clients products that perform as they are intended to perform.

4. Servicing Our Clients

We are large enough to offer services from a fully equipped manufacturing facility but we are small enough to provide extensive detailed design expertise. We communicate and verify all drawings directly with our customers.

5. Our Pledge

We've built a solid reputation of getting the job done right. At IEM, we pledge over the top service and design consultation to all our clients.