Belt Conveyor Galleries

IEM designs and manufactures galleries for belt conveyors from 24 to 72 inches wide with spans to 100 feet.

Belt Conveyor Galleries Features

  • Integral walkway

  • Stringer tables with mounted idlers

  • Safety pull-cord switches

Round Fully Enclosed

Belt Conveyor Galleries Options

  • Lighting fixtures mounted at 20-foot centers

  • Electrical ducting supports

  • Vacuum lines installed

(if required)

  • Escape hatches and ladders

  • Bents and supports

  • Gravity take-ups

Rectangular truss style

  • Exterior cladding

  • Insulation

Completed Belt Conveyor Galleries Projects:

Project Location Year Material Length Capacity
Vale - Long Harbour Vale Processing Port, Long Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada 2012 Nickel 602 m 2850 t/h

Concentrate Handling

These conveyor systems use a variety of pieces of equipment all in harmony to achieve the clients' needs

Concentrate Handling Materials

  • Copper

  • Lead

  • Molybdenum

Concentrate Handling Projects:

Project Location Year Material Length Capacity
Oyu Tolgoi Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia 2011 / 2012 Copper 170.6 m 748 t/h

Reclaim Conveyors

Manufactured to assist in the process of moving material from stockpile to other locations

Luffing & Slewing

IEM designs and manufactures heavy duty luffing and slewing stacking conveyors to suit customer requirements. These conveyors are either fixed type tower type (with slew rings and hydraulic luffing) or cable/winch system luffing and slewing drives with steel wheels operating a curved slewing rail or powered wheels with pneumatic tires to operate on level solid ground surface.

Luffing & Slewing Features

  • Load hoppers

  • Discharge chutes (can be supplied with IEM flingers)

  • Walkways

  • Tower mounted with slewing ring

Powered Slewing Bogies

  • For rail installation

  • For pneumatic tire wheels

  • Supplied with standard belt conveyor features

  • Luffing rails

  • Weather covers for conveyors

  • Anemometers

  • Up to 250' boom length

  • Belt conveyors to 72" wide

  • Winch/cable luffing system

  • Hydraulic luffing system for boom lengths up to 100'

  • Supplied with standard belt conveyor features

Screw Conveyors

IEM designed and manufactured screw conveyors are designed to suit specific customer requirements. Standard component parts are selected to provide the correct screw conveyor sizing and configuration. Horizontal, inclined and vertical units can be supplied. Live bottom and reclaim screw feeders are available.

Screw Conveyor Features

  • Components, flights and troughs are selected to suit material and environment requirements

  • Screw conveyor mechanical or hydraulic drives

Screw Conveyor Options

  • Inlet hoppers

  • Outlet chutes

  • Supporting structure

Screw Conveyor Materials

  • Aluminum, Bauxite

  • Coal

  • Fertilizer

  • Limestone

  • Molybdenum

  • Potash

  • Zinc

Stacking Conveyors

Stacking conveyors can be big or small, but always engineered and manufactured to fit the project

Stacking Conveyor Materials

  • Gold

Bucket Elevators

IEM Bucket elevators are designed for specific applications. Applications are in mining, aggregate, lime, cement, grain and ship handling. High temperature product applications can be handled by special chain or belting.

Types of Bucket Elevators

  • Centrifugal discharge bucket elevators for fine or medium size free flowing materials with spaced buckets on belts

  • Continuous bucket elevators are for gentle handling of coarse and abrasive materials with close spaced buckets mounted on elevator chain

  • Enclosures in steel, aluminum or stainless

Bucket Elevators Options

  • Discharge chutes

  • Infeed hopper/chutes

  • Supporting structure

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