The IEM Debarker is the most effective debarker and residual fibre recovery system available today. One machine can handle all your wood processing needs.

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One Machine Can Handle All Your Wood Processing Needs.

  • Dry multiple stem debarking
  • No de-icing required
  • Quiet
  • No elaborate foundations required
  • Low horsepower
  • Handles small diameter tops
  • Easily debarks crooked stems
  • Processes large diameter stems
  • Reduced breakage and stem damage
  • Pulp wood, saw logs, and stumps
  • Fire damaged fiber
  • Logging slash and log yard debris
  • Sawmill cut offs
  • Long windows between low maintenance requirements
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The IEM Debarker - Higher Yield - Low White Wood Loss

Our Debarker can simultaneously handle a wide range of mixed diameters and lengths - conventional pulp and sawmill logs, as well as extreme wood-rich diets.

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IEM Products Are Engineered And Manufactured In-House

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Our on-site manufacturing Rotary Debarkers allows for strict quality and production control through the production process, guaranteeing the highest standard of product quality and reliability.

Parts and components are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials.

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The IEM debarker is the most effective debarker and residual fiber recovery system available on the market. IEM’s Debarker efficiently handles any diameter stem and various lengths and effectively separates wood suitable for lumber or chips from woody biomass. Our Debarker is designed by a team of experts with years of manufacturing and operational experience. Our Debarkers are delivered on time, and made to perform reliably to high standards.

IEM's Debarker is summed up in two words: power and versatility. It can handle conventional pulp and sawmill logs, as well as extreme wood-rich diets. Green bark, stringy bark, long stems and short stems, and more unconventional and residual fiber sources can be accommodated. Our IEM Debarker is capable of handling stems up to 12 metres in length and can handle stems as small as 30 mm in diameter. The debarking is clean, with remarkably little white wood loss, and our IEM Processors are capable of handling landfill mining. Our low-cost, low-maintenance debarkers can efficiently remove bark even in frozen conditions. No de-icing is required. The live floor, open-bottom design means that bark and dirt are disposed of immediately. Our debarkers are also capable of cleaning raw stumps for biomass power production.

IEM’s DEAL Debarkers are custom manufactured to your needs by teams of expert staff, all of whom are driven by our primary philosophy: phenomenal customer service. When you contact us for your IEM Debarker, you'll collaborate with our associate, who possesses vast experience and rich knowledge in the industry and in debarkers. Our project manager will ask you specific questions designed to minimize the time is takes to get the debarker to your site quickly. By ensuring that your needs are understood early on, we are able to deliver a superior end product. We also keep in steady contact with you throughout the process so that if there are any concerns or unique considerations that come up, we are aware of them and can adjust the project to suit your requirements.

Once your debarker moves into fabrication, our facility is designed to allow your production team to test it thoroughly. Your IEM Debarker will be checked for fit and finish, and tested to ensure that it is able to withstand the unique conditions of your site. Throughout this process, your project manager is involved so that you are kept informed as to the status of your debarker.

When your IEM Debarker leaves our facility and is installed on your site, IEM delivers on our promise to provide unparalleled customer service. Whether you require new additions to your order, design assistance for a new project, or just have a question or concern, your project manager is always available.

When you are ready to begin work on your debarker, you can trust that we will bring our considerable experience to every stage of the process, from concept to completion and beyond. Whether your project is small or large, IEM can accommodate you. We are large enough to handle high-volume orders, yet small enough to offer extensive service and support.

We look forward to working together on your IEM Debarker.

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