High Lift Conveyors Belting

  • Consists of two corrugated sidewalls bonded to a cross-rigid base belt

  • Cleats are hot molded to the base belt between the sidewalls for steep angle material handling

  • Material can be conveyed at angles up to 90 degrees in minimum horizontal distances

  • Sidewalls are available up to 16" in height

High Lift Conveyors Shapes

The most common shapes are:

  • Straight Incline

  • "L" shape

  • "S" shape

High Angle Conveyors

  • Supplied with head and tail assemblies, c/w pulleys and necessary truss depending on the application

  • Deflection wheels, flat return rollers or stub return idler as required

  • Belt feeders for loading high angle conveyor

  • Loading/discharge chutes can be supplied with conveyor if required

High Lift Conveyor Materials

  • Copper

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