IEM is a leading global supplier of bulk handling equipment. For over five decades, we've provided deign built solutions. We manufacture various conveyor components including conveyor rollers and conveyor idlers.

Conveyor Carry Rollers

We have the experience to manufacture belts, idlers, carry rollers for any type of mining operations. We've designed systems that accommodate both horizontal and vertical curves along the conveyor terrain.

We manufacture conveyor systems that are designed to include a number of idlers, rollers, bearings and belts that are placed in operations that experience constant pounding from heavy payloads

Bulk Material Handling Equipment Components

We provide cost effective solutions that will function to your specification.

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Side Guide Rollers

Conveyor Carry Rollers

IEM builds robust conveyor carry. The rollers are manufactured to handle tough mining jobs, fit accurately and precisely, and they come with pulleys and idlers.

IEM carry rollers have experienced the toughest industrial mining application. We've manufactured carry rollers for abrasive materials or corrosive materials. And manufactured our roller for material characteristics of large lumpy applications to small fine applications. Also our rollers have been placed in the aggregate industry where we've worked with corrosive salt materials. Depending on the material and environment, we can custom manufacture rollers to work with any material.

Depending on the application, we can manufacture cast steel, polyurethane and head treated steel. We offer custom sizes so we can manufacture guide rolls with various dimensions.

We focus on eliminating material build up. This significantly extended the life of the rollers, and reduces conveyor downtime.

They are designed for quick maintenance. They are field friendly for installation personnel.

We custom manufacture our rollers for durability long life and production.

Side Guide Rollers

IEM's side guide rollers are designed based on the application and conveyor systems

Our rollers will always help force a wandering belt back down onto the rollers. When manufacturing side guide rollers, we assess the various reasons for conveyor belts that miss-track and wander away from the rollers.

When we understand an examine the root cause of the misalignment, then we will manufacture guides that will always eliminate belts that ride over the rollers.

IEM manufactures long lasting side guide rolls in the toughest environments. Our side guide rolls provide stability for even the highest speed conveyors.

Similar to our carry rollers, our side guide rollers are designed to suite the materials, and we build our carry rollers using the same steel or polyurethane. And have the knowledge and experience to manufacture guide rollers with various dimensions.

Our focus is on manufacturing our rollers for durability long life and production. Our conveyor rollers provide efficiency and productivity to your mining or aggregate operations. Our focus is to share our knowledge and provide customer satisfaction for all our clients.

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