IEM is a leading global supplier of bulk handling equipment.

For over five decades, we've provided deign built solutions.
We manufacture various conveyor components including conveyor rollers and conveyor idlers.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment Components

We provide cost effective solutions that will function to your specification.

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Conveyor Idlers

IEM manufacturers a wide selection of idlers engineered for heavy duty mining operations. Our conveyor systems are designed to include a number of idlers, rollers, bearings and belts that are placed in operations that experience constant pounding from heavy payloads.

IEM idlers are designed and built for all conveyor models. We can manufacture conveyor idlers using various materials. Depending on our clients' needs we can design idlers using high density polyethylene which provides resistance to abrasion. In most case we built tough idlers using heavy duty steel construction and powder coated for durability and long life.

Our idlers are easy to install. Our designers have onsite installation experience, and therefore design our idlers so there is not welding or cutting required.

Also, they are designed for easy of inspection. We increase visibility through the guard for quick inspections without removing the guard.

We produce conveyor idlers ranging from 14 to 120 feet and meet all specifications.

We've designed systems that accommodate both horizontal and vertical curves along the conveyor terrain.

Our idlers are easy to maintain as we design the idler to prevent build-up of dirt between the guard.

Return Idlers

Depending on the need of the terrain, we will custom manufacture the return idlers to produce the needed outcome. Our return idlers are usually comprised of 1 roll. However, we've designed 2 to3 roll return idlers.

The mass of the return belt is the only load that return idlers need to support. And therefore, the return idlers are spaced at two to three times the pitch of their equivalent carrying idlers.

Our return idlers can accommodate heavy loads encountered with wide belts.

Where return idler sets are designed with two rolls, a support frame is required which supports the idler pair and attaches the idlers to the conveyor frame. The two set return idler are produced in a "'V" shape.

If needed, we manufacture frames or basket designs to prevent materials falling onto workers below.

Our return idlers are built for tough mining applications.

Ball Bearing Idlers

Our ball bearing idlers are manufactured to maintain roll integrity. It is engineered to provide precise bearing alignment within a solid steel shaft.

Our ball bearing idlers are robust and are designed for heavy duty mining operations.