pulley cleaner

IEM manufacturers heavy duty pulley cleaners that are designed to reduce down time by preventing drop materials that build-up between the belt and pulley.

  • Pulley cleaners are specialized pieces of equipment to be mounted at the back face of every conveyor pulley to prevent build-up of bitumen and sand on the face of the pulleys. Without these pulley cleaners bitumen build-up will cause the belts to off-track and self-destroy in a short time of operation.

    IEM also offers full rebuilding capabilities for pulley cleaners, for substantial savings over purchasing a brand new pulley cleaner.


belt cleaner

Specially designed Multi-Disc Scrapers will scrape the material loose from the belt so it can be removed with a plow.

  • Belt cleaners are special scrapers and plows mounted at strategic places along the belt path to keep the belts clean. Loose material carried back through the conveyor will cause problems to idlers and pulleys and also create big clean up problems along the whole length of the conveyor.

    V-plows and diagonal plows remove the loose material off the belt at locations where it can be collected. At the head pulley a pulley belt cleaner is often used to remove the main amount of loose material carried over the head pulley and dump it in the head chute.