Dynamic Adjust Thickness Screening & Overs Handling

Thickness Screens – Overs Handling

IEM provides your full screening solution. We will design your fines and oversize material separation and handling equipment and manufacture it for your specific needs.

Screen Features

  • IEM’s Live Adjust Pyramid Roll screens allow for on-the-run fine tuning of inter-roll openings (IRO).
  • Adjust screens to compensate for incoming chip quality changes, start-up conditions (batch cook) or process issues without costly downtime or wood losses
  • The screens are designed with easy maintenance in mind so costly downtime for routine maintenance is minimized.
  • Removing just a few bolts allows removal of a roll and bearing assembly. Changeout rolls in minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Adjust IFO as screens wear or replace worn rolls quickly and easily without significant maintenance time or resources.