Spouts are designed to suit specific applications for new shiploaders or as replacements for existing units.

Materials are selected to suit product characteristics and can be made from steel or stainless. Wear linings vary depending on requirements.

Spouts are available upto 48" diameter with extended lengths to 100'.

Spouts Features

  • Chute gimbal mounting frame

  • Telescopic with winch

  • Slewing ring with drive

  • Adjustable discharge

  • Banana' style with slewing

Spouts Options

  • Hydraulic slewing drive

  • Hydraulic telescoping drive

  • Spouts can be supplied with bolt-in TIVAR, UHMW or AR liners


Bogies and balance beam trucks are designed to suit customer requirements.
Driven wheels utilize hollow shaft reducers c/w C-flange mounted motors with electric brake.

Bogies Features

  • Wheels are flanged

  • Wheels machined from steel with hardened rims

  • Shafts are hi-tensile steel

  • Bearings are standard heavy-duty roller type

Bogies Options

  • Rail clamp system

  • Speed encoder