Take-Ups with Hydraulic Assist

IEM designs and manufactures heavy duty take-up assemblies with hydraulic assist.

These units are used on high tension belt feeders and apron feeders. Threaded rods with captive nuts are used to maintain the shafts in the adjusted position. Hydraulic cylinders are used to position the bearing/shaft in the correct location and then the screw is locked to hold that position. The hydraulic cylinder is subsequently de-pressurized.

Two Styles Are Available

  • Center pull with special bearing carrier;

  • Bottom pull allowing use of standard pillow block.

IEM can provide a manual power unit for mounting on the feeder. Power unit is complete with hand pump, three way selector valve, pressure gauge and hoses. Cylinders can be selected left, right or both at the same time for adjustment.


Bearings Inspection & Repair Steel Housings Hydraulic Nuts

IEM can save up clients up to 80% of the cost of a new bearing with the same guarantee as the original.

A visual inspection of all bearing components is done along with NDT inspection of raceways and rollers. A detailed written report is issued and submitted along with a quotation to do remedial work.

Upon completion of authorized repairs, the bearing is wrapped in corrosion inhibiting materials and crated for shipment.

By combining preventive maintenance with IEM's bearing inspection, repair and rebuilding facilities, bearing costs can be significantly reduced.

Bearing Housing

IEM designs and manufactures steel housings for spherical roller bearings up to 16.14" (410mm) bore.

Housings Options

  • Solid style pillow blocks

  • Split style pillow blocks

  • Flanged cartridge style up to 140mm

  • Custom designed units

Hydraulic Nuts

IEM designs and manufactures hydraulic nuts for use with bearing adapter sleeves for mounting and dismounting bearings.

Nuts are supplied with quick disconnect couplings for connection to high pressure pumps.

Available up to 48" diameter. Custom nuts can be supplied to suit special applications. Adapter and withdrawal sleeves for oil injection are also available.


IEM designs and manufactures flingers for use with stacking conveyors for creating stockpiles. Flingers can be used with shiploaders to assist in filling all areas of ship holds.

Flingers Features

IEM flingers are suitable for use with wood chips, hog fuel, grain and other materials that will not be degraded by the high speed of the flinger belt.

Belt sizes are available to 60" (1520mm) with capacities to 1,667 cu.ft/min (47 cu.m/min).

Trajectory adjustment can be made manually or by using a powered screw or hydraulic cylinder.

Railcar Hopper Gate Openers

IEM Railcar Gate Openers come in many makes, models and sizes. Any of the models can be customized to your specific needs.

Railcar Hopper Gate Openers Features

  • Versatile; portable or rail mounted horizontal and vertical capstans

  • Low Maintenance; heat treated bits

  • Choice of Power Source; hydraulic, electric or air-driven